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Unfortunately we are not able to offer you new dates for our classes until the end of the current lockdown.

Spread the joy of coffee!

If you want to make coffee-enthusiasts happy, treat them with a gift voucher to one of our workshops. They are available to purchase online or in our cafés in Cologne. 

We look very much forward to welcoming you again soon!

Perfect conditions for excellent coffee.

You’ll find the Heilandt Kaffeeschule in our roastery in Girlitzweg 30 / Tor 5. We use high-end-equipment by Dalla Corte and Mahlkönig for all our workshops. Our Trainers are long time baristas with decades of experience.


Our workshops:

  • Barista Basics 

    For people with an espresso machine and those considering purchasing one.

    Starting with a brief overview of green coffee and roasting followed by the foundation of barista skills: Understanding the interaction between an espresso machine and a grinder. How to make the perfect espresso? What to consider when steaming and frothing milk? We'll reveal our tips and tricks and end with you pouring your first latte art motif.

    Duration: approx. 3 hours

    At the end of the course we will be happy to issue you a certificate.

  • Filter Coffee Brewing & Sensory 

    If you love modern filter coffee roasts and like to play around with different brewing methods, this is the right place for you. You will learn how even tiny changes in the preparation can influence the final result in the cup. Everything here revolves around taste! We take a close look at what and why we taste and how we can deal with the topic of coffee in a sensory way.

    Duration: approx. 3 hours

    At the end of the course we will be happy to issue you a certificate.

  • Latte Art Basics 

    For professional and home baristas with access to an espresso machine.

    Learn everything about milk and the technique of steaming and foaming milk. Our espresso machines are at your disposal for an extensive training. So in the future, nothing will stand in the way of you producing beautiful latte art.

    Duration: approx. 3 hours

    At the end of the course we will be happy to issue you a certificate.

  • Coffee Tasting

    Calling all coffee lovers

    After a short introduction into the world of coffee you will have the opportunity to taste different roasts - both espresso and filter. We will demonstrate how to cup coffee like a pro and why no two varieties are alike.

    Duration: approx. 2 hours

  • Home Barista

    You are the proud owner of a top-quality espresso machine and grinder, but your coffee still doesn’t taste like in your favourite coffee shop? We will visit you at home and show you what is important for the grinder adjustment, the espresso preparation and the handling of milk. Together we will adjust your hardware for the perfect coffee experience. 1 kg of espresso beans will of course be included in the service!

    Duration: approx. 2 hours


Looking for a team event or a training session for your own café? We offer individual training for grous up to 10 people – at your chosen venue or in our roastery. Just get in touch.

Phone: +49-176-34537437 
Email: kaffeeschule@heilandt.de





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